Challenge Tri-Cities provides a positive, structured, and fun environment to overcome personal and group challenges in order to grow into a stronger individual as well as part of a team.

We believe the ropes courses paired with structured activities give our participants unique opportunities to learn, grow, and succeed not just at the course but in their everyday life.

We are here to be part of the solution, empowering people to grow and learn and develop themselves through challenges.

About Challenge Tri-Cities

The challenge course in Columbia Park was originally erected in 1992 and was supported through Project Adventure! Overtime leadership changed the course elements and was managed and supported by the Benton Franklin Substance Abuse Coalition.

After funding was ended for their programming the Reach Beyond Ropes Course was taken over by a small group of facilitators that were in love with the work and were excited to continue to offer the course to our communities.

This program over the years has served a very diverse group of youth and adults not only from Benton and Franklin Counties but surrounding areas as well. 2020 brought new challenges for the Reach Beyond group and they closed. Working with Reach Beyond and the City of Kennewick. Jennifer and David Dorsett, decided this opportunity to serve the community was going to be their next big adventure.

Jennifer and David Dorsett have long served the community’s youth and families in many capacities in Public Health and human service fields. Jennifer loves working with groups and is a Certified Prevention Profession and Substance Use Disorder Professional in WA State and David loves working outdoors and serves in public health.

The ropes course has since been revamped with new materials and updated not only for safety but to diversify our challenge course options to fit the needs for a large variety of groups to be able to participate!!

As our story continues, we hope that you choose to be a part of it. Hope to see you soon.

~ Jennifer and David Dorsett

Our Core Values


Communication is the Key to All Things


Bonding is Essential for Development


Leaders Emerge Everyday


Strength Comes from Challenge

Challenge Tri-Cities Loves Helping Our Community Come Together


Building Relationships


Empowering Our Community to Face Challenges Together


Personal Development


Ropes Courses & Activities to Grow as a Team or Group

Meet Our Team


She has been working with youth and adult groups for the past 20 years.  She is a certified Substance Use Disorder Professional in WA state and is also a Certified Prevention Professional. She loves a challenge and loves to challenge others, which is one reason she loves working at the ropes course and with her team!  In her spare time she loves hanging with her family and playing soccer.


He works for the Juvenile Justice Center with local youth.  He is passionate about helping youth be their best self.  He has decades of experience working with a diverse population and has built strong lasting relationships with students in district.


He currently attending college full time locally and is aspiring to become a nurse. Riley has experience in prevention strategies through community coalition work and youth leadership. He has been a lifeguard for several years and loves serving his community.


His love of rock climbing and being outside attracted him to become a facilitator. He enjoys seeing the growth from groups he works with and thinks the course is super cool and challenging. Jadon loves technology and hopes to get into sound design in the future.


She loves being outdoors and finding new adventures. She is an avid sports player and loves to travel around the world.  She is excited to help challenge youth and adults to find the strength in their struggle.


He is attending college and aspires to work in the police force locally. He enjoys working on the ropes course to make new connections with many different types of people who do all different things in their lives.  In his spare time he spends his time outdoors fishing and hunting.


She is currently a high school teacher working in Tri-Cities and has experience working as the service-learning facilitator at BF Juvenile Justice Center.  She enjoys guiding others to opportunities and giving them experiences that challenge them so they can learn and grow to move forward with new perspectives that will help them throughout their lives.

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