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Ropes Course Challenges

Experience the challenge at our ropes course and zipline in Columbia Park. Our staff can also come to your facility or event for indoor or outdoor activities.

ONSITE Ropes Course & Activities

Activities are geared towards individual and group goals that are set between client group and facilitators.

Our facilitators will take you through ground activities and low course activities to make sure you group is ready to advance to higher elements.  Each activity is explained, conducted, and debriefed.

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Activities include: using props; facility grounds utilized; debrief stations and more. 

Low Course

Activities include: tension traverse; spider web; whale watch; tp shuffle; nitro crossing and diversity trail. 

High Course

Activities include: Zip Line; Burma Bridge; Catwalk; Squirrel; Pamper Pole and Giants Ladder. 

All elements require a helmet and harness.

*Weather Disclaimer*

*If it is windy over 15mph we will not be able to conduct high-element activities due to safety precautions.

*If it is raining, activities can still be conducted onsite, however, each element will be evaluated for safety based on the severity of weather conditions.


We have special zipline-only days you can sign up to attend one weekend of each month or you can book a private zipline event.

* Small groups also have the opportunity to utilize zipline as one of their chosen activities.  


 Looking for something cool to do for a special family day, reunion, or just an open Saturday?  Challenge yourself, friends, or family, to our 600-foot zipline, which is over 50ft in the air.

Open to families, individuals, and small groups. 

OFFSITE Activities

Activities are geared towards individual and group goals that are set between client group and facilitators.

Our facilitators will take you through ground activities and low course activities to make sure you group is ready to advance to higher elements.  Each activity is explained, conducted, and debriefed.


Low Course

Challenge Tri-Cities Collaborates with a Variety of Local Groups, Teams, Organizations and Churches

Student Groups: 10+ (5th Grade & Up) through College Level

Adult Groups: Each group member must be 18+ and 350lbs or less.

School Groups & Clubs (ASB, DECA FHA, Prevention; Classrooms; Other Student Groups)

Our team is great at engaging youth in a range of activities that give them a chance to challenge themselves with new experiences. 

They will increase confidence and self-esteem while choosing their challenges for the day. They will come away feeling resilient and armed with new coping strategies, and improved social skills and leave with memories to last a lifetime! 

For classrooms, we have a heavy focus on social-emotional learning throughout the day.  Our hope is that students return to the classroom instilled with a sense of achievement and empowered to want to achieve more with a new appreciation for learning

Sports Teams (Middle School, High School, College, and Adult Leagues)

Whatever your focus goals take us, we have great outcomes for sports groups!  Leadership skills, physical challenges, communication or teamwork, we can offer a tailored program designed to meet the needs of your group. 

Our challenge course is great for sports teams/clubs and help you bring the team together for valuable team bonding or you can just hire the facilitators to attend your practice.

Contact Us to Get Started

Corporate Leadership (Private company events, conferences; government groups and more)

Escape from the office, get your team outdoors, and discover a unique solution for your business event.

Whether you’re organizing a training day and need to hire a facilitator or get away for a corporate day out, our team-building ideas offer a different experience. Tell us your focus goals and we will tailor our activities around your group to help you achieve them.

Community Groups (Private sports; religious groups; boys and girls club; mentoring; non-profit; treatment; recovery and other )

Community Groups are often mixed together due to circumstance rather than choice will meet new friends and take on new adventure challenges.

They will overcome fears, learn to rely on each other and learn skills that will not only get them through the day’s activities and your personal focus goals, but will carry on in the future.

Other Events (Conferences, Speaking Requests, Camp Days, Retreats, Marriage Workshops & More)

Book a facilitator of your choice to come to your event.  Maybe your group is too big for our facility but you are interested in teambuilding, icebreakers or something to get the team ready for the day. 

Contact us to check our availability.

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Focus on Building & Growing Together as a Group

Every group experience is individualized for their needs.  We have a group needs sheet that will be sent after date confirmation with a list of focus options and information needed to plan your challenge day. 

Pick a Few Areas You Want to Focus On with Your Group:

Team Bonding

Thinking of Others Perspectives


Build Resilience

Evaluate Strengths & Weaknesses 


Expanded Thinking

Physical Challenge


SEL Focus & Team Challenge

Trust Building

Relationship Development

Recreational Goals

Concentration/Manage Behavior

Contact Us with Your Group Details for Pricing & to Get Started

Onsite and offsite cost varies based on size and time spent on location.  Scholarships are available for student groups and amount of scholarship is based on size and scholarships remaining for the year.  Reach out for pricing and also scholarship applications.

1. Submit Your Group Request Details

Contact us with a potential date for your challenge day. Be sure. to include the size of the group, and you can also reach out if you have any questions. 

2. Confirm Your Date & Submit Group Goals

Once the date is confirmed, an email with waivers, our what to expect checklist, and group goals form will be sent.  Once you fill out the group goals and send them back to us, your day will be added to our schedule.  

3. Download & Distribute Waivers

Waivers are required for all people attending your challenge day and anyone without a waiver will not be permitted to stay/attend.  

*Please remember to bring waivers to your event.

4. Be Ready for a Challenge & Enjoy Your Event

You are responsible for all transportation and food for your group members. Be sure to coordinate this in advance so you do not miss your event. 

We do have some amenities on-site, which you can learn more about below.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a typical group size?

It varies with every group.  We have small groups with a minimum of 7 and we have large groups with a max of 25 (unless it’s a classroom with overflow, we can discuss).

What amenities are on-site?

Challenge Tri-Cities does provide: 

  • Picnic Tables
  • Heaters (As Needed)
  • Water Fountain (When Water is on with City, Check Prior to Your Event)
  • Bathroom Facility
  • Garbage Can
  • There are also some shaded areas
  • The parking lot designated for Challenge Tri-Cities is marked.
How do scholarships work?

We are granted a limited amount of scholarships per year.  In order to stretch those, we can charge each participant $5-25 to help offset that cost and allow us to serve more student groups. 

You can get a whole scholarship if your school is 75% or more FRL or make special arrangements based on other circumstances.

Please contact us with your specific needs and we will see what we can do! 

What does a typical challenge day look like?

We always start with ground activities, this helps us understand the dynamic of your group and also slowly develop their skills throughout the day. 

Each activity builds onto the next. 

Then we will do low ropes and if they progress and we believe they are responsible enough, they graduate to high ropes. 

We debrief throughout the day and they end.  Depending on your length of stay, you break usually late morning for lunch.

Can we have food ordered and brought to the course?

Yes, often groups have food delivered.  We can tailor your day based on when you want to eat.  Usually, after lunch, we do high elements.  Sometimes, if there is more than one chaperone, one will leave to pick up food.

Can adults participate with student groups?

Absolutely! We encourage participation, especially if you are trying to bond or are coaching students.  All challenges are by choice, so no one is forced to participate, just encouraged throughout the day.

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